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Payments & Insurance


Individuals - $70 per session

Couples/Families - $90 per session

ACCEPTED - Cash, Credit/Debit Cards, HSA, & FSA Cards

My rates are modest on purpose.  My goal is to make mental health services more accessible to people who may not qualify for services at community based agencies OR who cannot afford the higher end mental health services rate.



More to come...STAY TUNED

Employee Assistance Providers (EAP)

  • ACI Speciality Benefits
  • American Behavioral
  • Cascade
  • EFR (Employee & Family Resources)

Please call your EAP provider for a referral. 


Everyone has a choice on what is best for them, their family, & their budget

My practice is primarily private pay with a limited amount of fees on a sliding income scale.  

Most people want to use their insurance when seeing a healthcare professional.  

My rates are very modest because my objective is to make mental health services available to more people based their budget and time.  

My suggestion to anyone who calls me is to ensure that they understand their healthcare benefits.  

For example, my rates are modest and currently (June 2019) $70 for individual sessions and $90 for couples and families.  If a counselor charges $150 for a session and the insurance co-pay is $40, the client needs to know how much their plan will cover.  If the insurance will cover $50, then the client will still have an outstanding bill of $60 – which means you paid $100 in total.  

It is always the client’s choice on counselor choice based on many other factors that are not financially based.

Good luck in your search…